Hi, I'm Jeff the photographer behind Boudoirpov

For me photography is a love language for me and its one that I am proud to share! I have always admired the work of others and most importantly though diving into the craft myself. Over the past 14 years of working in this medium I have greatly enjoyed creating and sharing my point of view. Be it through events, concerts, fashion work, to boudoir I have collected tools in every genre that helps me create in amazing ways. This creativity has lead my work to be published over two dozen times and has also given me the opportunity to showcase my work in a gallery (cir. 2019). It's a goal of mine to shared my work in another gallery in the coming years.

Why Boudoir Photography?

This genre is so beautiful with how people are portrayed. I see every capture as sharing a vulnerable side of yourself. Boudoir is the silver lining between getting ready and going out, that fine moment when you are truly your powerful sexy self. Being able to capture that lush seductive, intimate beauty is unrivaled by anything else. When I am able to bring out a side of someone they haven't seen before or has forgotten about - rekindling the fire inside - then I know my work is true. When working with couples, being able t capture the intimacy and passion between two partners is a blessing and a wonderful gift.

“Be curious, not judgmental.’”



“He is the best 5 stars! I was wanting to give my wife the perfect birthday present, and I decided to do a photo shoot with at Boudoir POV, I felt like a rockstar! He has so many creative ideas and is very professional! My wife really loved the gift, now we’re planning on doing a shoot together soon! I would highly recommend shooting with Boudoir POV”