Please review rates before we work together. This will give you an idea of what you will receive from the shoot and how you can beat prepare for your shoot.

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Silver & Gold

Experience a one on one photoshoot that empowers your inner god/dess & brings out the sensual side of who you are.

This will includes  1-2 outfit changes, 4 polaroids, 1-2 videos, 1 folder of 20 edited images

2hr Shoot


(does not include studio time)


Experience a one on one photoshoot that empowers your inner god/dess & brings out the sensual side of who you are for your session. This will include 3-4 outfit changes, 8 polaroids, 2-3 videos, 1 folder of 30-45 edited images.

2hr shoot


(does not include studio time)


Experience a couples photoshoot that explores & empowers your sensual side asa couple. Creating a passionate scene that envelops the desire you hold for each other. Include 2-3 outfit changes, 16 polaroids, 3 videos, 1 folder of 50 edited images   

2.5hr minimum


(does not include studio time)

Photoshoot Add on's:

  • +30 mins = $50
  • +1 hr = $100
  • 16 extra Polaroids = $25
  • +5 edited images = $30
  • PhotoBook = $125
  • Canvas + prices vary on size


What is Boudoir?

Boudoir photography treads the fine line between fashion portraits and glamour photography. The word boudoir itself derives from a French word which means a woman’s private salon. Boudoir shoots are usually for women, however, men are also welcome to explore a different side to their personality.

These shoots are meant to exude sensuality and are intimate in nature. That’s why one usually wears racy lingerie and pose seductively to profess ownership over their sexuality.

Unlike other genres, boudoir’s subjects are often not professional models—anyone can do a boudoir shoot. In fact, if you are on a journey of self-discovery, in need of a confidence boost, or just want to express yourself unabashedly, a boudoir session can be the very thing you’ve been looking for.

Is a studio space included in my session?

No, I do not have a studio space, however I can recommend studio spaces for you to choose from depending on the vision you want to create during your session.

Studios are reserved at an hourly rate.
You will be required to provide a deposit for 1 hour of studio time when you are ready to book your session.

**Couple’s sessions require a MINIMUM of 2.5 hours in the studio**

What kind of attire should I bring? How many outfits?

Clients are recommended to bring a set of clothes they are comfortable in to start (ie: a casual outfit, to a cocktail dress.) Every shoot starts out with warm up photos.
Depending on the package you select there will be a suggested number of outfit changes. *Keep in mind you don’t not have to wear lingerie to a boudoir shoot. Bring something that you feel confident and sexy in!

Do I have to wear lingerie?

Absolutely not. You can wear any outfit that you feel comfortable in.

Boudoir gives you the ability to dress up or dress down based on your comfort level.

If you are interested in shooting multiple outfits / sets during your session, you can upgrade your package to allow for more outfit changes.

May I bring someone with me?


I just ask that you let me know in advance if you are planning to bring someone.

Is hair and makeup included in my session?

It is not. I recommend coming to the session with your hair and makeup done and ready to go - however, you will have a few minutes before the session starts to make final touch-ups.

When will I get to see my photos?

After the session I will show you all photos. At that time, you will have the freedom to select the images you want edited.

I have no modeling experience - this is my first boudoir photoshoot. How will I know what to do?

Not to worry! I will send you poses to practice ahead of time, but we will also go over different poses the day of the shoot. You won't be asked to do anything complicated or that you are not comfortable with.

I'm nervous and freaking out before our shoot! What can I do to calm down?

I want to firstly applaud you for taking a big step to take on your first boudoir shoot! If you’re feeling nervous the day of your shoot - don’t worry! That’s completely normal - everyone gets nervous! Here are some things you can do to help build your confidence before your shoot:

- Dance it out
- Stretch and practice breathing exercises
- Listen to your favorite songs (I'll have a speaker so you can listen to your music during our shoot)
- I start every session with an outfit that you feel most comfortable in - this usually helps clients relax and ease into other outfit changes as the session progresses!